iPad Pencil

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Recently for my birthday I also received an iPad pencil, thank you. I have been having a play and trying to find an app to use that doesn’t cost a fortune. I have some ideas in my head about how to convert photos of my work into line drawings or shapes and then use those with the new sewing machine with embroidery in mind. And yes, I could probably just draw lines and shapes with out the photo beneath, but the process of using photo to line is appealing.
The first photo is a little reindeer box I made for the craft stall at a fete years ago.

Navy Open Day

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Yesterday we went to the open day at HMAS Cerberus. We went to meet an old friend who is there doing a course for quite a few weeks. We haven’t seen him in a long time, so it was nice to catch up. The open day meant there was a lot going on at the same time. The queue to get in was terribly slow, so we decide to park in Crib Point and walk in, and yes, we were faster than the queue of cars, all footpaths and roads to walk on, no mud. We got the obligatory photo in front of a helicopter. And had a good look around. I did my initial recruits and cook training at Cerberus, but it was so long ago that buildings have changed function, many torn down and lots of new buildings built.

House Project Week 43

Playing with my new sewing machine. After finishing the gnomes, I finally got to sit down with the instruction book and have a bit of a play. I was intending to embroider a house, but the inbuilt designs required a large number of coloured threads that I didn’t have. And using my own designs will take some more thought as everything works on PC and I have an Apple computer.
So I used the decorative stitch that is a little house and tree. Then I worked some hand stitches and french knots in the trees.

Sewing Machine, Echidna and Cake

Yesterday was my birthday. I received lovely gifts, including a brand new sewing machine! One with lots of bells and whistles. I already own a Janome, so this is a really big upgrade. It will take a bit of study and play to get the hang of it.
I spent most of the day with my son. We went for a long drive so he could take lots of photos for a uni assignment, something about travel, space and place. We had lunch in Moe, drove to Callignee where we used to live and then came back a bit more north to get trees and mountains. On our drive we spotted two echidnas. This one I did a u-turn for so we could get nice and close. He/she was on a bank next to the country road in Callignee and Mitchell took the photo out of the car window. Love echidnas.
Then when we got home my lovely husband had taken the afternoon off work and cooked dinner. A delicious roast lamb with all the trimmings. And a beautiful birthday cake.
I am a very happy, blessed, spoiled, older girl.