Diver Commission

The commissions I finished a little while ago were delivered yesterday, so now I can share.
The first one’s story is the lovely lady’s son is a photographer and diver. He bought a new camera and took it diving. An octopus stole his camera. I got a bit excited when I found a camera small enough for the wrapped ball, and a scuba tank in the form of a water filter for a pottle.

Bias Binding

There is a tool to help make bias binding. You cut strips of fabric on the bias, feed it through the tool and iron as you go. I bought the Clover brand, the yellow one on the left years ago. It makes 12mm bias binding. Tor the sewing machine cover I wanted wider binding. Spotlight didn’t have a Clover brand one, just Birch. It was terrible. As you can see in the photo the exit point is not as narrow as the Clover one so the fabric isn’t close together when it comes out, so it doesn’t iron very well. I had to ask my husband to help feed through and pull slightly so I could make the tape. Needles to say I have ordered some Clover brand makers for future use.

Sewing Machine Cover

The other piece of fabric I bought on Saturday was to make a cover for my new sewing machine. Now that the machine is out on a table it definitely needs a cover. The one that came with the machine is ugly, fairly solid, black in colour and dominated the craft room. This new one I made is a soft throw over cover. It is lined with calico and has a batting between the outer and inner layer. I made bias binding for the edge.


The first project I made from the fabric I bought on Saturday is coasters. There are four in the photo but I made six coasters. My husband was eyeing some fabric coaster in his favourite tea shop and I said I would make him some in fabric of his choosing. The lovely dragonfly fabric was what he chose. We paired it with a mustardy yellow for the base. There is a piece of wool felt for insulation in the middle. Three coasters went to work for his desk, one is next to his computer downstairs, one on his favourite chair, and one is here in the craft room.

Little Pink Top

It took longer than expected but I made a little top for a bunny. It is in t-shirt material, which is the first time I have sewn with that. The embroidery is inspired from Alabama Studio, strips of the material are couched down in the flower shape and beads sewn on fro the middle of the flower. The back is closed with press studs. I have been watching The Great British Sewing Bee on UTube lately and it has had an effect, I faced all the edges in bias binding, something I have never done before.

Pink and Grey Jacket

I made another jacket for a rabbit. I worked out what I did wrong on the last one, which is good because I really didn’t know what I did. This wool is a bit thick to be making a small jacket out of so I made the collar, pockets, facings and tabs in grey felt. I think the colour contrast is rather pleasing. Just need to make buttonholes and sew on the buttons and it is done.