Hippo on a Large Wrapped Ball

dsc_3661 dsc_3668
This is what I was making in September two years ago. This was the first of three hippos for the Christmas Window at Can Do Books, complementing the large green wreath. The pattern for the hippo was from Kerry Lord’s book Edward’s Menagerie. The hippo was rather difficult to photograph. I ended up buying a very cheap clothes rack and hung the three hippos on there and covered them up for protection from dust.

Father-in-Law’s Lamp Base

dsc_8183 dsc_8184
We commissioned my husband’s father to make this lamp base for us in the 1980’s. He gave us a choice of three shapes at the time and we loved this one, then he glazed and fired it. The shade is probably too big for it, but I found it in a second hand shop and loved it. It is sort of a flattened oval shape, which doesn’t really show in the photo. It is a very nice thing to own since my Father-in-law passed away in the late 1980’s.

Needlelace and Penguins

dsc_6089 dsc_6262
dsc_6266 dsc_6302-version-2
Still can’t show what I am currently working on, so let’s look at what I was doing a year ago. I was in the middle of the Intermediate Needlelace class at the Embroiderer’s Guild and making penguins for the Christmas window at Can Do Books. It was a bit of a stressful time because the needlelace takes a long time to make, were we going to make enough penguins for the window? In the end all was well, the class was finished and the window filled with penguins.

Second Hand Finds

Yesterday my husband and I went for a drive to Geelong. Had lunch and a rummage around an antique/second hand shop. Found a few things too. A little house sugar bowl, I think it is a sugar bowl, not sure if there is a lid missing or not. A large measuring jug which will be a great vase. It is probably from something else as it is quite heavy and no handle. And two little glass jugs. Have a thing for glass jugs, I can see little creatures in them or something.

House Project Week 39

Big House Biscuits. I bought this cookie cutter a couple of years ago but haven’t used it. So yesterday I made some biscuits, Nigella Lawson’s recipe for a butter cut out biscuit. They are quite large biscuits. I didn’t cut doors or windows because I was going to decorate with a passionfruit cream cheese icing. The photos are before and after the icing.

New Books

I bought a couple of books while at Amigurumi at Can Do Books on Tuesday. The Knitted Cable Sourcebook is beautiful, lots of lovely cable patterns. I haven’t knitted cables in quite a while, but now that I usually only knit small things, the complex cables are appealing. The other book on Appliqué is a how to, and as with all books from the Royal School of Needlework, great instructions.

Two More Gnomes

It was Amigurumi at Can Do Books yesterday and these two gnomes were in the bag from the week before that I showed the other day. So I knitted beards, wrapped noses, made green pom poms and attached them all. The scarf I knitted the other day on the automatic french knitter. When I got home I sewed on eyes, finished the tall one’s hat, made the pom pom and snowflake. I think I will leave the little one without a hat, the little bald head makes me smile.