Bobbin Winder

For Easter, instead of chocolate (which I am trying to stop eating) I received an electric bobbin winder. It is to help wind the bobbins for making bobbin lace. When it is just a small project, hand winding is fine, but if the projects get larger, it takes forever to wind them, when you just want to get into the project.
I was trying to find a class to do as my Easter gift, but I couldn’t find a reasonably priced one of something I wanted to learn.

Amigurumi Girl 2

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The lovely lady who commissioned me to make the first Amigurumi Girl – A lawyer living and working in Chile who likes to mountain climb, asked me to make another one. She wanted to give it to her daughter, the mountain climbing lawyer, but couldn’t part with it, so asked for another. I didn’t write down everything I did with the first one, so I worked off photos. I also couldn’t get all of the same materials, so this one is the same but different. I believe she will be flying to Chile later on in the year.

Demo Day

Well start of demo. We are updating out bathroom. The toilet is separate to the bathroom, however, you have to squeeze yourself beside the toilet to close the door. It is entirely too small to have an inwardly opening door. So we are going to close off the door and make a bookshelf where the door is, and open up the wall into the bathroom so it will be all one room.
I was very happy to smash off those old tiles, not so happy with cleaning up.

Little Garden Chairs

I found these little chairs in a shop in Geelong. They are the perfect size for bunnies and things, so they went straight into the window display at Can Do Books, so I didn’t get a chance to show them. To get an idea of size I took a photo of them on our garden bench. Now all the little animals are clamouring for a chair in the craft room.