Reindeer Antlers

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DSC_8622 DSC_8623
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DSC_8626 DSC_8627
This is a tutorial on how to make reindeer antlers out of some wire and wool. I have used a light coloured pipe cleaner and dark wool just so you could see what I was doing, you would try and match the colours, or you could use uncovered wire.
Near the end of the wire wrap the wool a few times nice and close together, bend it over where you have wrapped and wrap over the folded end and down the length for a little. Fold the wire again and quickly wrap to where the end of the next extension will be, wrap tight and close together, fold and wrap the two lengths of folded wire back to the joining bend. Wrap a few times around the join going up and over and between. Wrap down the length to the next extension, same again, quick wrap to the bend, wrap tightly, bend, wrap the two back to the join. Wrap around the join a few times. Wrap down the length until the antler is as tall as you need it, fasten off. I have attached the antlers to the little hats by poking the end through the hat where I want them to be, folding the end of the pipe cleaner and sewing them down to the hat using the yarn the hat was made in.

Gnome Beards

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DSC_8613 DSC_8611
DSC_8606 DSC_8614
There are basic beard patterns in the instructions for the gnomes, but they can be worked in different yarns and techniques. The first three gnomes in the photos are specialty yarns, which are generally easier to knit with rather than crochet.
The fourth beard is a basic crocheted beard and then chains worked around the beard to make it nice and full. Start at one point, chain 5, slip stitch back near where you started, chain 5, slip stitch next to the last one, and work your way around the beard until nice and full. It takes a little while, but well worth the effort, this beard looks lovely and full.
The fifth beard is made up of pom poms. Make at least 7 little pom poms, even more. Attach them either to each other, or directly onto the gnome. Keep them in a rounded heart-like shape.
And the sixth beard is quilted felt. Cut two beard shapes, sew them together at the edges and then stitch little curls around the beard.

New Birdie Book

DSC_8602 DSC_8603
DSC_8604 DSC_8605
I looked at this book a couple of weeks ago at Amigurumi and didn’t buy it. Then it started popping up in my thoughts. So I picked it up on Saturday after the workshop at Can Do Books. I’m not sure I will make the actual birds in the book, but it inspires me to makes some, or at the moment, think about birds to make.


Yesterday my husband and I went to the Degas exhibition at the NGV. It is well worth seeing the exhibition. There were lots of paintings, drawings and prints to look at. Some of them were sketches and working drawings, which I love to see, the artist’s process. It was rather busy and quite annoying in the first room, but once clear of the tour, it was a bit better, still busy, but with a chance of looking at the works properly. The exhibition book is good too, lots of pictures, and you can see the little works much better since you can’t get very close in the gallery.
We also really liked the piece in the foyer of the gallery, a VW beetle pushed into a ball. Here is a link.