Seems So Long Ago

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I was looking though the photo library to find something to post about today. The photos of when I was working through from A to Z of the Weldon’s Encyclopaedia came up. The first photo is of Appliqué. I really enjoyed working though this book, but I barely got into the B’s when amigurumi took over. I made a couple of things before this hippo, but the hippo was the first for the Christmas window of 2014. It feels like a lot longer than 2 years since that all happened.

A-Z Weldon’s

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I began working my way through Weldon’s Encyclopaedia of Embroidery last year but put it aside to work on the large Christmas wreath. I haven’t forgotten about the A to Z, I have been too busy to work on it. I always planned to make it an in-between project. I have realised that there has been no in-between, which is good, I have been moving from one project to the next. In fact I am not sure when I will get back to working on the A-Z, but it is still there in the craft room waiting.

A-Z: Braidwork

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There wasn’t a lot written in Weldon’s about braidwork. It’s basically the same as beadwork – if it uses beads, it’s beadwork. So if is uses braid, it’s braidwork. It can be braid or ribbon to make a decorative pattern or edging. I just had a play around with some braid and ribbon from the stash and added some chain stitch and french knots. I wouldn’t necessarily repeat this pattern, but it was fun to do.

A-Z: Blackwork

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The next subject in Weldon’s is blackwork. It is embroidery on white ground in black threads, cotton, wool, etc. Generally designs are outlined and filled in with patterned stitches. In research I found that blackwork is pretty much any black embroidery on white fabric. So I did a simple grid of different stitch patterns. It is all simple stitches, running stitch, cross stitch, or straight stitch, the design comes from the placement of those stitches. It took me a few days to complete this little piece. It measures 5.5cm square. I quite enjoyed doing this, but I’m not sure about doing a large project, all that stitch counting.

A-Z: Beadwork

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The Weldon’s discussion on beadwork is quite broad, church work, bead knitting, braids (on lampshades for example), etc. Basically, if it has beads, it’s beadwork. I started making a little pouch, I knew the beadwork wouldn’t go into the journal just a photo of what I make. When I was talking to my son he suggested putting the beadwork on the journal. What a great idea, so I did. The journal now has a lovely bead decoration.

A-Z: Assisi Work

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The next subject from the Weldon’s Encyclopaedia is Assisi Work. It is from Italy, as the name suggests, and is made up of cross stitch and running stitch on linen. Usually in blue or red but can also be in black or orange. The book didn’t say how many strands of embroidery thread to use, it just said it should be the same as the fabric. The linen has quite uneven threads, so I thought one strand would be a bit of an average size. Now it is finished, I should have used two strands as you can see too much of the base fabric I think. But that is fine, the whole purpose of this exercise is to learn.
It is also rather addictive. I wasn’t planning to work on the next subject just yet, but I couldn’t help myself. I have even got the materials together for the next one.

A-Z: Appliqué

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I talked about working my way through the Weldon’s Encyclopaedia of Needlework, an old book I bought recently. Well, I started. Starting with appliqué (The heading of each post from the Weldon’s will start with A-Z). I just worked a small flower, photo 1. I thought I would do a small piece to practice the technique in each section. What to do with it then? I bought a journal at the weekend so I am going to use that and put some examples and any research with the practice piece, photo 3. The second photo is the small flower, still in the hoop, held up to the light. It looked rather interesting, a little x-ray like.