Advent Calendar

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DSC_6766 DSC_6770
I set our son’s advent calendar the other day. He soon turns 18, so this will be his last. I bought the little bags at IKEA. They are not as cheery as other years, in fact a little dull. Still, they are very convenient for me to just pop something in, tape them up and hang. Especially at this time of year when it is really rather busy here. I impressed myself that I was so organised that the calendar went up before December had started.

Christmas Wrapped Balls

DSC_5610 DSC_5614
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The commission I was working on was delivered yesterday so I can share what I made. There are five wrapped balls. These three were from the advent calendar in the Christmas window at Can Do Books. Santa, presents and a reading monkey. The other two were special requests and I will share them in the next couple of days. I had fun making these, although working a commission is a stressful thing. I am happy to say the recipient is delighted with her Christmas decorations.

Christmas Window

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DSC_4912 DSC_4916
The Christmas window at Can Do Books was taken down yesterday. So here are the last photos. Firstly the whole advent calendar revealed. After taking down the wreath we took it out the back to get a better photograph of it. Stephanie had some black cloth to put behind. It is much clearer without the window reflections. The photos are of both sides of the wreath.
The windows have been so much fun to do. Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to play in your lovely bookshop.

Advent Calendar Days 21 & 22

Sunday’s reveal was a little wreath. I made this with an artificial plant I bought at IKEA and pulled apart, gold bells and a green ribbon.
Yesterday’s advent calendar was presents, lots of presents. The day is getting closer, you need presents. These are little cardboard boxes that I made and wrapped in felt, then decorated. I like their jaunty angles.

Advent Calendar Day 20

DSC_4186 DSC_4191 DSC_4196
Two sweet little doggies. I made two of these dogs for the large green wreath, here, so I thought I should put a couple on the advent calendar. They are the same pattern, I have only changed the ears, one has been stuffed, the other ears are not filled and are positioned differently.
I had to show the back view so you can see their little gold bows.

Advent Calendar Day 19

Christmas stockings. The large ball was decorated to be used with the small temari balls from Day 2 of the advent calendar. But they weren’t working together, so I collected the small balls together to make a big one. Then it seemed a shame not to use the large ball as it was. So I crocheted the little stockings.