Amigurumi Girl 2

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The lovely lady who commissioned me to make the first Amigurumi Girl – A lawyer living and working in Chile who likes to mountain climb, asked me to make another one. She wanted to give it to her daughter, the mountain climbing lawyer, but couldn’t part with it, so asked for another. I didn’t write down everything I did with the first one, so I worked off photos. I also couldn’t get all of the same materials, so this one is the same but different. I believe she will be flying to Chile later on in the year.

Christmas Gnome Doorstop

Another doorstop that was delivered on Friday was one of the punk Christmas gnomes made into a doorstop. Glynis’ friend asked for one to be make. It was a challenge to see if I could get the knitting to cope with the extra weight required for a doorstop. So I made a felt shape first, double layer filled with stones and sand. Then knitted the gnome, putting the felt gnome inside before completing the final decrease in stitches. He weighs just under 1kg, should be enough to keep a door open.

New Glasses

Although the difference is subtle, the new glasses (first photo) do not look like they are jammed onto her face. I found it difficult to buy new glasses, had to do a bit of a tour of Spotlights to find them. Don’t know if I was just unlucky and they were low on stock, or if they are not going to sell them anymore.

Crocheting Mountains

Made a large wrapped ball and a couple of mountains for Amigurumi Girl 2. This time I pushed quite a few sinkers into the ball while making it. This helps with counterbalancing the girl when she is attached. Last time this was an afterthought and more difficult to push the sinkers in a completed ball. The down side is working out exactly where the weight should be so the whole ball is balanced in the end, easier to do when everything is attached.