Bird Project Week 4

Little Black Bird. This is the finished red wool underbird. I got the felt scrap box out, the one with all the little bits of felt and sewed them all over, covering all the wool. I then did a little bit of embroidery in black on its tail, around the eyes and a couple of other places, but you can’t really see it.
I have changed my mind about doing the bird project. The purpose for me of doing both the bird and house projects is to keep the momentum going, especially after finishing all the Christmas projects. Last year the houses did that, pushed me along. This year the birds are getting in the way and it is just the start of the year. So I will not be doing a weekly bird, I have enough projects to work on and there are lots in my head to do. If I get stuck or wondering what to do between one project to the next, then I will make a bird. It is all good because it means I am busy and keeping myself busy.

Bird Project Week 3

An Underbird. Last year while I was working on the House Project I tried to do a complete project each week. I would drop what I was doing and make a house. This year with the Bird Project I will make time for the birds, but as it is this week, a very busy one and concentrating on the commissions, I took only a short time away from the work. So this little bird is the start, the beginning. I am not sure yet whether I will needle felt or sew pieces of felt to make the body. At the moment it is wrapped yarn for the body, head and tail, and twisted wire for the legs and feet. This one is more stable than the seagulls, but once the body is finished and heavier, we shall see.

Bird Project Week 2

Birdie Bag. A simple calico bag lined with some nice soft grey spotty flannel. The little bird was a design from the fete stall many years ago. Also used it when trying to teach the children to sew. The only difference is the crocheted little wings. I didn’t crochet back then.

Bird Project Week 1

Happy New Year! The House Project finished yesterday and now the Bird Project has begun. I will make or work on a project involving birds each week and post them on Sundays, since the last day of the year is a Sunday.
Let’s kick off with a couple of seagulls. The design for the sweet little seagull is from the book The Natural World of Needle Felting by Fi Oberon. I had a bit of trouble getting the birds to stand up, so I attached their feet to pieces of cardboard. When we took down the Christmas window at Can Do Books, we set up the two little birds with the book they are from, some happy balls, sand and a bucket of chips. Very summery.