Yesterday my husband, son and I went for a country drive to Phillip Island. We didn’t stay for the penguins as sunset is too late in summer. There were lots of geese on the island. Lovely big birds who move around in pairs.

Bird in the Backyard

The other day I was in the craft room and I could hear the Willy Wag Tail going nuts outside the window, when I looked I saw this bird in the tree. When you first look you think Kookaburra, however it is not the right colour or size. It wasn’t much bigger than the Willy Wad Tail. We have looked in the bird book but can’t find it, the closest is a Kingfisher, but again the wrong colour. And size is an issue too. It is small and not acting like a baby bird. I wonder what it is and hope it comes back.

New Birdie Book

DSC_8602 DSC_8603
DSC_8604 DSC_8605
I looked at this book a couple of weeks ago at Amigurumi and didn’t buy it. Then it started popping up in my thoughts. So I picked it up on Saturday after the workshop at Can Do Books. I’m not sure I will make the actual birds in the book, but it inspires me to makes some, or at the moment, think about birds to make.

Little Scottish Bird

DSC_5574 - Version 2 DSC_5575 - Version 2
This sweet little bird came up on the screen saver in the craft room yesterday. I was able to get so close because of the zoom lens on the camera. I can’t remember the name of the place we were in Scotland. The little bird came fairly close to me when I was in the car park. His colours don’t really blend into the carpark bitumen, but they really would in the autumn landscape.

Parrots and Cycling

DSC_7568 DSC_7572
DSC_7582 DSC_7610
Over the weekend my husband competed in the Victorian Masters Cycling Championship. I surprised him yesterday and caught the train and bus to the velodrome to watch the event for the afternoon (he left way too early on a Sunday morning for me). On the way in to the sports complex, there were some gorgeous little parrots. They were a bit scared of me so luckily I had my long lens with me. Over the weekend Piers rode some personal best times and then won a bronze in the 200m sprint event. Congratulations Piers.

Next Bird Finished

DSC_7323 DSC_7324
DSC_7325 DSC_7327
It’s been a busy week but I finally finished the next bird for the commission, a robin. There were a couple of problems with this pattern which were worked through. My main dislike is the size of the robin, it is the same as the cockatoo and rooster. Robins are tiny birds. Anyway, it is finished and quite cute. On to the next and last bird.