New Knitting Book

Yesterday was Amagurumi at Can Do Books. I didn’t go for the whole time, just dropped in to deliver the bunny kits to Stephanie. I have the flu at the moment and don’t want to spread it around. Of course it didn’t stop me looking at the books while I was there. Brought home this lovely one. I already have a couple of books by this author, so now it is a collection. I think I will be playing around with some of these patterns today.

Another New Old Book

I already have Rosemary McLeod’s second book and was looking out for her first. It was out of print, very difficult to get and really expensive. But then I found one on abebooks, it was in New Zealand and very reasonably priced. It arrived during the week. It is ex-library but in great condition. The book contains Rosemary’s collection of old textiles. It is one of those nice books to browse though and remember, and get ideas.

New Bunny Book

The other day at Can Do Books I bought three new books, this is one of them. Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel. I have looked at this one a few times and thought I should just get it. A lovely rabbit with a wardrobe of clothes and a chair to sit in. Already made some templates. I will finish what I am working on at the moment then make a rabbit…….or two.

New Books

dsc_9642 dsc_9643
dsc_9644 dsc_9645
dsc_9646 dsc_9649
As it was Amigurumi at Can Do Books yesterday, the book temptation is very high. I have been over and over these two books every time I go in, love them, so I bought them yesterday. Both are very inspiring, particularly love the bugs on the front of Textile Nature.

Birthday Books

dsc_9412 dsc_9409
dsc_9413 dsc_9411
dsc_9414 dsc_9410
I received these books for my birthday. They were chosen when we were in Sydney at Kinokuniya bookshop.
The first, a needle felting little birds book. They are so sweet, my favourite is the little galah.
Next is a red work book. Embroideries inspired by old patterns and books worked in red thread.
And the third is a book on miniature leatherwork. Gorgeous little shoes, bags and other items.
So many crafts to do.

New Books

I bought a couple of books while at Amigurumi at Can Do Books on Tuesday. The Knitted Cable Sourcebook is beautiful, lots of lovely cable patterns. I haven’t knitted cables in quite a while, but now that I usually only knit small things, the complex cables are appealing. The other book on Appliqué is a how to, and as with all books from the Royal School of Needlework, great instructions.