Some More Chickens

Alice copy Jacqui 2 copy
Lucas copy Millie copy
Natalie copy Yen copy
Since there has been a lot of talk about chickens recently, I thought I would share some drawings from the lunch time craft club my friend and I held at my son’s primary school. I had a larger project in mind when I ask all the children to draw chickens for me. I showed them some photos of chickens first, then put the photos aside and they got to drawing. The ages of the children range from prep to grade 6. It would be a very lively farmyard if the chickens were like these, they are fabulous.

Needlelace Chicken

DSC_6479 DSC_6483
I have finished the chicken for the needlelace class at the Embroiderer’s Guild. Assessment is early November, so I am in plenty of time. I am very happy with my little chicken. Since she is the first there are things that I will do differently when I make another, but that is the design process, always tweaking. She went for a little trip into the garden for the photo shoot.

Chickens from the Collection

DSC_1702 DSC_1703
These three little chickens were given to me from my mother-in-law. I think they are all from China. These sweet little chickens aren’t very big, less than 5cm to the top of the tail. The lighter one has a flat base, but the other two have beautiful feet, or claws really. The two sit on a lovely wooden stand in my kitchen, the other lighter one is upstairs on a bookshelf near the computer.