Large Cookie Cutters

We went to Chadstone on the weekend and had a bit ow a wander around. There were quite a few new shops. One was Williams-Sonoma Grande Cuisine. I love kitchen shops and this was a lovely shop to wander around. A bit on the expensive side, but quality. I bought these two Christmassy cookie cutters and they are large, I put a pen in the photo to give an idea of scale. One of those things I have never seen before and couldn’t leave behind.

Gnome Bases

I took all the little gnomes off the two wreaths from the Christmas window. The problem is they were stitched and glued to the frames. So I am crocheting new bases and stitching them on, and adding a little washer to give them a bit of weight and stability. The second photo shows the before and after. The two gnomes on the left are before and on the right with their new bases. 3 finished, 57 to go, not that I’m counting.

New Lens

I received some lovely Christmas presents this year. One was a new micro lens for my camera from my In-Laws. The first photo shows how close I can get with my old lens and still be in focus. The second photo is the new lens, much closer and lots of detail. The photos haven’t been cropped or touched in any way. Thank you Mum and Graeme, love my new lens.