Changes in the Craft Room

Ever since moving to this house I didn’t have the space to have my sewing machine out, ready for use. It was kept in the linen cupboard and brought into the craft room when needed. Wasn’t the most efficient arrangement and I would often hand sew something that really should have been machine sewn. Now that I have a new sewing machine the old arrangement had to change. This machine is bigger and heavier than the old one. So I wanted to rearrange the craft room for a little sewing table. Went to IKEA yesterday and found one I liked that was just the right size, and a little stool that would fit in underneath. Where the sewing table is now was a bookshelf. So that was put on to p of another bookshelf on the other side of the room. My craft room is really quite small, it is amazing how much you can fit in and still move around. Now I have to make a new cover for the sewing machine, the one that comes with it is an ugly black cumbersome thing. And a cushion for the stool.

Large Cookie Cutters

We went to Chadstone on the weekend and had a bit ow a wander around. There were quite a few new shops. One was Williams-Sonoma Grande Cuisine. I love kitchen shops and this was a lovely shop to wander around. A bit on the expensive side, but quality. I bought these two Christmassy cookie cutters and they are large, I put a pen in the photo to give an idea of scale. One of those things I have never seen before and couldn’t leave behind.

Hydrangea Skeleton

I often have a clean out and tidy up at the start of the new year and when I did i found this leaf skeleton. I can’t remember how long ago I found the hydrangea, but I pressed it in a very large book. Forgot about it, then when culling books, it was found. Put into a sturdy envelope and in a safe place, forgot about it. Found it the other day in a box of keepsakes. I am quite surprised that it has held together. It looks like a wintery forest.

Show and Tell

I was invited to speak and show my wares at the University of the Third Age. The big event was yesterday. I took along a range of things I have made: wrapped balls, doorstops, pincushions, penguins, and the larger wrapped balls of Amigurumi Girl, The Cook and Ham, and The Turkey and the Butcher. I had about 90 photos and the talk went for about 50 minutes. They were a lovely group of ladies. After all the nerves passed, I had a very nice afternoon. Thank you for the invite.

Newspapers and Thread

On Saturday we did a quick trip to Geelong to the bike shop. I was dropped off at Lily Pond, a lovely shop with French furniture, jewellery, lace, toys, lots of things. Then I walked down the hill and met my husband at the bike shop. I bought two French newspapers dating from 1917 and two spools of thread. There is a lovely sheen to the thread, I think it has silk in there. Looking at the photo they all seem rather small, but in fact the spools are about 15cm long.

Father-in-Law’s Lamp Base

dsc_8183 dsc_8184
We commissioned my husband’s father to make this lamp base for us in the 1980’s. He gave us a choice of three shapes at the time and we loved this one, then he glazed and fired it. The shade is probably too big for it, but I found it in a second hand shop and loved it. It is sort of a flattened oval shape, which doesn’t really show in the photo. It is a very nice thing to own since my Father-in-law passed away in the late 1980’s.

Second Hand Finds

Yesterday my husband and I went for a drive to Geelong. Had lunch and a rummage around an antique/second hand shop. Found a few things too. A little house sugar bowl, I think it is a sugar bowl, not sure if there is a lid missing or not. A large measuring jug which will be a great vase. It is probably from something else as it is quite heavy and no handle. And two little glass jugs. Have a thing for glass jugs, I can see little creatures in them or something.