Kitchen Labels

I had an urge to sort out my pantry yesterday. I changed the labels on the tubs to something quite easy to read. They replaced labels that were clear and had very small writing. Not ideal, but works for the time being. Now we can all see where things are in the cupboard.

Cakes for Christmas

This year my son has been learning to cook. Every Thursday he would cook dinner. He has done very well. There was only one two occasions where bandaids were needed. The latest recipe he wanted to learn was Boiled Fruit Cake, a cake he loves. Using my Mum’s recipe, he quadrupled it and large cake, a slightly smaller one, and six Texas muffin sized one. Now they are wrapped up ready for gift giving.

House Project Week 39

Big House Biscuits. I bought this cookie cutter a couple of years ago but haven’t used it. So yesterday I made some biscuits, Nigella Lawson’s recipe for a butter cut out biscuit. They are quite large biscuits. I didn’t cut doors or windows because I was going to decorate with a passionfruit cream cheese icing. The photos are before and after the icing.