Crocheting Mountains

Made a large wrapped ball and a couple of mountains for Amigurumi Girl 2. This time I pushed quite a few sinkers into the ball while making it. This helps with counterbalancing the girl when she is attached. Last time this was an afterthought and more difficult to push the sinkers in a completed ball. The down side is working out exactly where the weight should be so the whole ball is balanced in the end, easier to do when everything is attached.

A Pocket Full of Gnomes

Yesterday while I was at the velodrome waiting for my husband’s races to begin I worked on some of the little gnomes. I was making new bottoms for them. Once they were removed from the wreath there was glue and threads left behind. So I am crocheting little circles and sewing them on to cover up the base. I also pop in a washer to give them a little weight. As I finished each one I put them in my coat pocket. I finished ten, so the pocket was quite full.

Travelling and Crochet

We are in Sydney for the week, my husband is competing in the Australian Masters Track Cycling. We drove up on Sunday. In the car I was able to finish the grey granny square piece, crocheted the last square, sewed it on, and worked two rows of dc around the edge. Why is it that I can crochet in the car without any problems, but I can’t read one word without feeling car sick? At least I am able to do something, it is a 10 hour drive. We swap driving every 2 hours or so and stop for a nice lunch.