Doorstop Delivery 2

Here is the second doorstop in the commission from my friend Glynis. Standard plants at the front door and a clothesline out the back. I included an apron on the line because Glynis and I were cooks in the Navy together. The pegs may look on the largish side on the doorstop, but they are tiny pegs only about 2cm long.

House Project Week 53

Outback Shack Doorstop. This is the last House Project, made it. I set a challenge for myself at the start of the year to make something house related each week and post it here each Saturday, since the last day of the year is a Saturday, and it would bring the year to a close.
This house is on a wooden platform covered in felt because I wanted to add a water tank and a few other things which didn’t happen as I decided to keep it simple. Interesting how using grey wool in a k1 p1 rib looks just like a corrugated iron roof. There are fly screen doors on the front and back doors.

Doorstop Reveal

dsc_8780 dsc_8782
dsc_8784 dsc_8785
This is the doorstop that was the sneak peek in House Project Week 38. It was a gift and it has been received, so I can show the whole thing. It is the doorstop shape I also showed in a previous post. A paver with some cement stuck on so I made it into a little addition on the side of the house.
The felt base is a jumper that was my husband’s that no longer fitted, and I felted it. The roof wool is Scottish and the perfect colour for the felt of the house. I had fun with the rooves and making a little awning over the door.

Working on a Doorstop

I have been slightly diverted this week making another doorstop. This base has been sitting in the craft room ready and waiting to be completed. I reuse pavers from our garden for the bases of the doorstops, whole and broken ones. We have a lot of them. The shape of this doorstop came about because I could knock off the attached cement. I built a cardboard house around the paver. Now it looks like there is a little sunroom or extension to the house. On with the embroidery.

Son’s Doorstop

DSC_2833 DSC_2851
DSC_2845 DSC_2829
I don’t have any new craft to show today, so let’s revisit something I have previously made. A doorstop for my son. The felt for the house was a jumper my Mum knitted for my Dad. I only lightly felted it so all the knitted pattern could still be seen. I wanted it to have a Scottish feel, since that is where my parents were from, so I put on lots of chimney pots. The door is from a piece of hand knitting I did and then felted. I was really happy with the garden wall. I found the stone beads while rummaging around Spotlight one time but had never used them.

Very Tall Doorstop

DSC_3296 DSC_3303
DSC_3304 DSC_3308
The commission piece is finished. I will show photos of the completed amigurumi girl once it has been delivered.
So today it’s revisit a past project. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I made this doorstop. It is based on a lovely old building in Ballan. It is made from a paver tipped on it’s end and a cardboard roof shape on top. The house felt is Harris Tweed, gives it a very nice brick look. It is quite stable even though it is so tall. But let’s face it, not sure many of my doorstops actually do work keeping doors open.

House Project Week 17

DSC_8044 DSC_8045
DSC_8048 DSC_8049
DSC_8050 DSC_8051
Little house on a door wedge. I made one of these in the very first week. I bought two door wedges at the time, so here is the second. I make a little cardboard house first, then embroider the felt, put it together, then knit the roof. The only down side to these door wedges is that you would need to make sure the space at the bottom of the door you use them on is not so large that they whole wedge is needed.

House Project Week 14

DSC_7656 DSC_7653
DSC_7654 DSC_7672
Farmhouse Doorstop. I was asked by my friend Judy to make a doorstop for a friend of hers that is about to turn 100 years old. Judy sent down a red cardigan owned and loved by her friend for felting to make the doorstop. The friend has lived on a farm in northern Victoria all her life, so a farm style house was in order. I have done a few things differently than other doorstops: windows, chimney, roof and pegs on the line. The tree on the side is a bottlebrush. The washing out the back is a piece of silk tulle, crocheted skirt and a crocheted cloth. I haven’t covered a chimney in knitting before and was quite pleased with how it turned out.


DSC_7648 - Version 2
I finished the doorstop for the commission. I will share photos of the whole doorstop once it reaches it’s final destination. I will share this little snippet, washing on the line. I crocheted a tiny little skirt to hang on the line.
I’m off to amigurumi at Can Do Books today. Still working on another little rabbit, none of which I have done since the last get together.