Doorstop Delivery 2

Here is the second doorstop in the commission from my friend Glynis. Standard plants at the front door and a clothesline out the back. I included an apron on the line because Glynis and I were cooks in the Navy together. The pegs may look on the largish side on the doorstop, but they are tiny pegs only about 2cm long.

Signing Things

I haven’t been in the habit of signing work, only once or twice have I done it. When I was at Amigurumi the other day a lovely lady came in and wanted to buy one of the strawberry gnomes. She asked me to sign the bottom. Had to do it in stitches of course. Stephanie was able to find some embroidery floss and I sat down to do it. The lady left and was coming back to pick the gnome up. Having not done it on a regular basis, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. Now it is done and I am looking at the photo, it is something I have to work out. I would use maybe one or two strands of embroidery floss, this one is in the full 6 strands. Something to think about and play with.

The Big Gnome

dsc_9666 dsc_9675
dsc_9679 dsc_9685
dsc_9682 dsc_9719
Sitting at the top of the tree is the Big Gnome. He is made the same way as his smaller friends. He has a street scene embroidered around him with presents and trees. Some of his houses and the wrapped ball swinging off his hat were part of the house project during the year. I finished him a little while ago and have enjoyed him being around the house.

House Project Week 48

dsc_5219 dsc_9712
dsc_9714 dsc_9713
A Beautiful Door. I have taken many photos of doors on my travels and thought I should maybe do something with them. The original plan was to make a door, make it Christmassy and hang it on my tree. But once I finished this one, I don’t think it needs the wreath, and really needs a doorstop house surrounding it.
To embroider the door I reduced the photo to the size I wanted, used some tissue paper to copy the design, tacked the paper to some felt and stitched through the paper so the hinges were in the right place and all the same size. Then the paper was ripped away. After that I tidied up the embroidery, added some more stitches and attached the handles and frame. Originally I was thinking I would work lots of french knots to get all the studs that are on the door, but I think that might end up too busy.
Only five weeks left of house projects. Only five weeks left in the year!