A Few Cycling Photos

Here are a few photos from the cycling. In the group shot Piers is second from the right and came fourth in the sprint and got one point. It is a 60 lap race and this sprint was at the first sprint of six. Masters riders age from 30 to whatever. There are a couple of 80 year old gentlemen riding. All the riders are very competitive, good sportsmen and gentlemanly. There is a nice atmosphere at the racing.

Heading Home

The cycling has finished and we are driving home today. My husband did really well over the week and got some personal best times, made some new friends and had fun.
I am having trouble uploading photos this morning so I have used one of Piers from the archives.

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was my husband’s and my 32nd wedding anniversary. He took the day off work and we had a lovely lunch at Ballan, then a drive to Daylesford. I also received some pressies, needle felting tools and an embroidery hoop to play with. I haven’t used this type before, so it will be interesting.
Happy Anniversary Piers, love you lots and lots.

Uncle Jock’s Rug

There has been some rearranging and reducing around here. It was one of those things where one job lead to the next and the next and so on. I needed to clear a shelf in the linen cupboard for the new sewing machined. I have two computers, one in the craft room and one on the landing. So I have removed the one on the landing. The computer desk is part of an IKEA shelving system, so Just bought a cupboard and put it in. This meant I could move some of the boxes in the linen cupboard, and part one complete
So now in order to use the craft room computer as my only one, I need to get closer, they eyes aren’t what they used to be. So the craft room got an overhaul.
Which bring us to Uncle Jock’s rug. This rug was a wedding present from Uncle Jock (my Dad’s uncle) and his partner June. They were in their 80’s and they handmade the rug for me. I love it and it is still soft and squishy to walk on. It was in the craft room but now it is on the landing in front of the new cupboard where the other computer used to be.

Sewing Machine, Echidna and Cake

Yesterday was my birthday. I received lovely gifts, including a brand new sewing machine! One with lots of bells and whistles. I already own a Janome, so this is a really big upgrade. It will take a bit of study and play to get the hang of it.
I spent most of the day with my son. We went for a long drive so he could take lots of photos for a uni assignment, something about travel, space and place. We had lunch in Moe, drove to Callignee where we used to live and then came back a bit more north to get trees and mountains. On our drive we spotted two echidnas. This one I did a u-turn for so we could get nice and close. He/she was on a bank next to the country road in Callignee and Mitchell took the photo out of the car window. Love echidnas.
Then when we got home my lovely husband had taken the afternoon off work and cooked dinner. A delicious roast lamb with all the trimmings. And a beautiful birthday cake.
I am a very happy, blessed, spoiled, older girl.

The Wedding Dress

dsc_8978 dsc_9002
dsc_9004 dsc_9006
We attended a wedding in Sydney yesterday, Jason and Munna were married. Jason is my husband’s cousin. They were married in the Botanical Gardens with the Harbour Bridge as backdrop. Munna’s dress was beautiful with stunning beadwork.
Thank you Jason and Munna for inviting us to share your day. Have a long and happy life together.

Father-in-Law’s Lamp Base

dsc_8183 dsc_8184
We commissioned my husband’s father to make this lamp base for us in the 1980’s. He gave us a choice of three shapes at the time and we loved this one, then he glazed and fired it. The shade is probably too big for it, but I found it in a second hand shop and loved it. It is sort of a flattened oval shape, which doesn’t really show in the photo. It is a very nice thing to own since my Father-in-law passed away in the late 1980’s.