Botanical Gardens

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Yesterday my husband and I went for a drive and walk around the Botanical Gardens at Cranbourne. We have been there a few times, last trip was 2013 so things have grown and more has been added. It was a lovely walk in the gardens because it was nice and quiet, the weather probably put people off. But being quiet meant the birds came out and we saw bandicoots.

In The Garden

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This year we have had a lot more of our iris plants flower. They always grow well, lots of greenery but never manage to flower. It must be all the rain we have had lately. Lots of white irises have been flowering and now the purple ones are about to begin their display.

Flowers From The Garden

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These lovely flowers were starting to fall over because of all the rain we have been having, so I brought them inside.
I’m going to a tax seminar for small business today. The ATO is running it. Tax, not my favourite, so not sure I am looking forward to it. But learning more is a good thing.

Semco Flower Loom

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I’ve been shopping on Ebay again, this time it is a flower loom. It’s probably from the 1970’s, I found a piece on Trove in the Australian Woman’s Weekly dating from then. It is quite easy to use, just wind thread/wool/whatever on, sew around the middle to secure, take it off the loom, and done. I remember making hundreds of flowers on one of those daisy wheels when I was a kid, this is the same but bigger.

In The Garden

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These are Nerines, an autumn flowering bulb. I received many bulbs from my step-Mum Marie. This is the first year the white ones have flowered. I forgot I even had white ones. And funnily the pink bulbs that are flowering all haven’t flowered before, and the ones that usually flower haven’t this year. A nice bit of colour in the garden.

Things You Find

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My husband went to a Navy reunion on Saturday and was looking for some of his old bits and pieces to take. I have a hope chest, a camphor wood box, one of those things you were given when you were young. It is great for keeping old treasures. One of the things we found was the bouquet from my Deb Ball. It is quite smashed and misshapen. I don’t have a lot of things from my childhood, so this little bundle of artificial flowers and ribbon is quite special.