House Project Week 53

Outback Shack Doorstop. This is the last House Project, made it. I set a challenge for myself at the start of the year to make something house related each week and post it here each Saturday, since the last day of the year is a Saturday, and it would bring the year to a close.
This house is on a wooden platform covered in felt because I wanted to add a water tank and a few other things which didn’t happen as I decided to keep it simple. Interesting how using grey wool in a k1 p1 rib looks just like a corrugated iron roof. There are fly screen doors on the front and back doors.

House Project Week 52

Houses on jars in little domes. I got this idea on pinterest or instagram, can’t quite remember where I saw it. When I went into Spotlight the other week there was a sale on Ball’s preserving jars, it was meant to be. The domes are plastic baubles from Lincraft that I cut using my Dremel. The little green house is felt, embroidery and a knitted roof. The brown house is a print of a doorstop I made, reduced to the size of the little house then glued in place, and a knitted roof. The trees, houses, snow and dome are glued to the jar with Araldite. They look like they need something in the jars, lollies maybe?

House Project Week 51

Snow Globe Little House. More like a blizzard globe. I found the do-it-yourself globe at Officeworks. The little house came from Hearns Hobbies, it is a small gauge train set accessory. When I tested the two types of artificial snow I have in the stash, they both floated, not good for a snow globe. So I went with glitter, quite a fine glitter also from the stash. I used quite a lot because I raised the little house so it wouldn’t be so low in the globe, but then I needed enough so when it settled it would come up to the bottom of the house.

House Project Week 50

Wrapping Paper. I have made wrapping paper before, but this is using photos. I made the blue/green paper first by lining up lots of photos of old houses I have taken in my travels. When I printed it I was happy with it, but thought it is a shame the houses don’t have wreaths on the doors, that would make it Christmassy. So then I made paper out of the doorstop and pincushion photos from the first Christmas window. It is on the dark side, but Christmassy.

House Project Week 49

dsc_9863 dsc_9864
dsc_9866 dsc_9869
Little Felt House. I bought this book during the week at Can Do and it has a couple of ways to start the base of needle felting when making larger shapes. I gave one of them a try, roll rather thick felt into a coil and felt together with the needle, as the bottom of the house shows. I found it difficult to get the layers to join, so I unwound it and re-rolled and needle felted as I coiled up. Roving is then needle felted onto the outside, then all the detail. I found this method a little difficult to work, so I will try one of the others in the book. Also don’t know if it was the kind of thick felt I used, maybe better quality felt would be better to work with, a trip to the felt shop I’m thinking. The roof has three knitted layers and a crocheted top. The process of the house made me think in layers, lots of layers. The little house is about 10cm high

House Project Week 48

dsc_5219 dsc_9712
dsc_9714 dsc_9713
A Beautiful Door. I have taken many photos of doors on my travels and thought I should maybe do something with them. The original plan was to make a door, make it Christmassy and hang it on my tree. But once I finished this one, I don’t think it needs the wreath, and really needs a doorstop house surrounding it.
To embroider the door I reduced the photo to the size I wanted, used some tissue paper to copy the design, tacked the paper to some felt and stitched through the paper so the hinges were in the right place and all the same size. Then the paper was ripped away. After that I tidied up the embroidery, added some more stitches and attached the handles and frame. Originally I was thinking I would work lots of french knots to get all the studs that are on the door, but I think that might end up too busy.
Only five weeks left of house projects. Only five weeks left in the year!

House Project Week 47

dsc_9698 dsc_9699
dsc_9701 dsc_9702
Another little gnome. This one has houses on his scarf and one swinging from his hat. He is a knitted gnome with a felt hat and scarf and a very bushy beard. The houses on his scarf are on both sides so it doesn’t matter how he ties his scarf the houses will always be seen.
It is only one week until the Christmas window at Can Do Books will be set up.

House Project Week 46

dsc_9627 dsc_9628
dsc_9630 dsc_9632
Snowy House Christmas Gnome. This is the gnome I started in last week’s house project post. The house and trees were embroidered in a simple back stitch, then the fence is lots and lots and lots of french knots. I was going to knit him a red hat with a white pom pom, just he seemed to need an all white hat.
It’s only two weeks until the Christmas window at Can Do Books is set up.

House Project Week 45

dsc_4980 dsc_9417
dsc_9418 dsc_9419
Work in progress. Working out some embroidery for a gnome. I used the iPad pencil on a photo from Scotland, printed it onto freezer paper, and ironed it onto the cut out gnome body. Freezer paper has a waxy side that will iron onto fabric, but come off without leaving a residue. I am going to embroidery the felt following the lines on the freezer paper, then rip the paper away, and finish the embroidery on the trees and fence. I worked a little bit of the embroidery to see if it would work, ripping the paper away, and it does. A bit fiddly, but doable.

House Project Week 44

img_2793 img_2798
Garden House. This is one of those things that looks much better in my head. It will need to grow into it. I made a house out of chicken wire then put plants in, one kind for the roof, another for the sides, then some potting mix and coir peat, then attached the base of the house. Gave it a water and some sun. We will have to see what happens with this one.