Demo Day

Well start of demo. We are updating out bathroom. The toilet is separate to the bathroom, however, you have to squeeze yourself beside the toilet to close the door. It is entirely too small to have an inwardly opening door. So we are going to close off the door and make a bookshelf where the door is, and open up the wall into the bathroom so it will be all one room.
I was very happy to smash off those old tiles, not so happy with cleaning up.

House Project Week 22

DSC_8194 DSC_8195
DSC_8199 DSC_8201
Tiny houses on a jar. I felt like doing something other than the wrapped ball this week, very small houses on a jar top. The cardboard part of the house is about 1cm wide on each side. They are wrapped in Harris Tweed, little leather doors and a knitted roof. They are all glued down onto the top of the jar, first the grass, then the houses, finished with the tree.

Lavender House Pincushion

DSC_8646 - Version 2 DSC_8648
DSC_8649 - Version 2 DSC_8652
This is a pincushion I made a few years ago. I was given a jumper to felt which belonged to a friend of a friend. The door is from the cuff of the felted jumper. I had a problem when making this house, I use a very bright light when I stitch and this was looking fine but when I took it out of the bright light, it was rather dark. I added some more highlight colour to the lavenders which helped. I do like the colour combination of the dark blue and the greens, especially that variegated roof wool.

House Project Week 14

DSC_7656 DSC_7653
DSC_7654 DSC_7672
Farmhouse Doorstop. I was asked by my friend Judy to make a doorstop for a friend of hers that is about to turn 100 years old. Judy sent down a red cardigan owned and loved by her friend for felting to make the doorstop. The friend has lived on a farm in northern Victoria all her life, so a farm style house was in order. I have done a few things differently than other doorstops: windows, chimney, roof and pegs on the line. The tree on the side is a bottlebrush. The washing out the back is a piece of silk tulle, crocheted skirt and a crocheted cloth. I haven’t covered a chimney in knitting before and was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Needlelace House

I am a couple of weeks ahead of myself on the house project. Already have two houses completed. So I thought I would start a house in needlelace. Made a start at the weekend and began couching the thread yesterday. Since needlelace is quite a slow craft I will need a bit of time, more than a week to finish it.

Catastrophe in the Cupboard

I opened my bedroom cupboard door to find that the hanging pole had come out of it’s holder. After pulling all the clothes off, I couldn’t get it back in. Our house has a lot of things that have been poorly made and this is one of them. The cupboard has a very long pole that is basically the length of the master bedroom (not that we have a very large master bedroom) with holders at the ends and in the middle. So it isn’t surprising that it couldn’t cope with the weight of clothes. My husband put in another two pole holders in between the middle and ends. Now we have a nice straight pole that feels very strong. It must have been bent for quite a while because a straight pole looked very strange when you opened the door.

House Project Week 3

l DSC_7309
DSC_7310 DSC_7311
The photo is my starting point. It is my house I grew up in. I don’t know who is with my brother Scott, and my Mum is in the window.
The felt for the house is from a jumper my Mum knitted for my Dad. I stopped working on it because I wasn’t sure how to put the verandah on and very thing I tried didn’t look right. I loved the way it looked when I held the little house up to the light. It’s getting dark, the kitchen light is on and the blinds haven’t been drawn yet.

Christmas Doorstop

DSC_7943 DSC_7938
DSC_7939 DSC_7940
DSC_7948 DSC_7953
It feels like I haven’t made a doorstop in a very long time. The cream felt of this doorstop was the first piece of hand knitting that I felted in the washing machine. You never really know how big your piece of felt will be after washing, but there was more than enough for the house. Inside is a brick paver to give an idea of size. A triangle of cardboard is on top of that to make the roof shape.