In the Garden

I haven’t done one of these for a while. Coming into winter and there is a little bit of colour in the garden. The fuchsia is a little spindly, the nerines are from my step-Mum and more seem to be flowering each year. The rose has a better scent when it is just opening, the begonia is from Dan Dempsey, and there is a sweet little toadstool under the chair.

Hydrangea Skeleton

I often have a clean out and tidy up at the start of the new year and when I did i found this leaf skeleton. I can’t remember how long ago I found the hydrangea, but I pressed it in a very large book. Forgot about it, then when culling books, it was found. Put into a sturdy envelope and in a safe place, forgot about it. Found it the other day in a box of keepsakes. I am quite surprised that it has held together. It looks like a wintery forest.


dsc_9650 dsc_9652
dsc_9655 dsc_9664
Yesterday when I brought my bins in I found a dragonfly on the footpath. Of course I picked it up to photograph, very rarely get an opportunity to see one up close. The wings are just gorgeous. I found it difficult to capture the copper glint that came off the wings in the sunlight.

New Books

dsc_9642 dsc_9643
dsc_9644 dsc_9645
dsc_9646 dsc_9649
As it was Amigurumi at Can Do Books yesterday, the book temptation is very high. I have been over and over these two books every time I go in, love them, so I bought them yesterday. Both are very inspiring, particularly love the bugs on the front of Textile Nature.


dsc_9447 dsc_9576
dsc_9588 dsc_9600
Lucky me, I have just come back from a four day trip to New Zealand. My husband was going to Auckland for work and I tagged along. The weather was great and although a bit grey on a couple of days, the little bit of rain didn’t stop me doing anything. I walked rather a long way over the four days, did a couple of very touristy things, but I have never been to New Zealand, so a tourist I am.
Spectacular views from the tower. I went up by myself during the day, then we both went up at night as my husband has never been up the tower in all his visits to Auckland.