This Time Last Year

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Didn’t work on any craft yesterday, bit busy during the day, then my thumb was quite sore last night and it was painful to hold a needle. Not sure what I did, but it seems to be fine this morning, although I can feel a little bit of something, so rest is in order.
Let’s look at what I was doing this time last year. In the last couple of classes for the Intermediate Needlelace at the Guild, I was making the chicken. She was made in three main pieces, then the comb, wattle, beak and thighs were smaller pieces. Wire was attached before they were removed from the stitching pads, then all sewn together.
I’m rather fond of the little chicken, I should make more and have a flock.

Needlelace and Penguins

dsc_6089 dsc_6262
dsc_6266 dsc_6302-version-2
Still can’t show what I am currently working on, so let’s look at what I was doing a year ago. I was in the middle of the Intermediate Needlelace class at the Embroiderer’s Guild and making penguins for the Christmas window at Can Do Books. It was a bit of a stressful time because the needlelace takes a long time to make, were we going to make enough penguins for the window? In the end all was well, the class was finished and the window filled with penguins.

Ring Makers

Yesterday in the city, in Riot, I found these ring sizers. They are for jewellery making but are ideal for lace making. You make little rings, called couronnes and the tools help keep the rings the same size depending on which section you make them. They also hold the thread while you work and make a really nice little ring. I had a lovely wooden one but unfortunately snapped the end off while making a small ring. I was always worried that over the years the size of each section would change when making the rings the needle pushes quite hard and was compressing the wood behind the ring. I quickly made two rings this morning and the tools work a treat, nice to hold and strong enough to make lots and lots and lots of rings.

Lace Bobbins

These are the bobbins I got the other day. All but one are wooden, the last is glass. The ones on the left are ready to go, the ones in the middle are in need of spangles (beads on the end to give them weight), and the ones on the right are also ready to go (the bulb shape of wood on the end give these ones weight). Some of them have writing on them: a couple of proverbs, some lacemakers, Mother Theresa. The glass on has little black beads inside. Nice start to a collection.

A Wedge

Not the most glamorous of objects, but very useful. Yesterday I made a wedge to use under the bobbin lace pillow. It will lift and hold the pillow and a nice angle to work at so my shoulders can be more relaxed. The wedge is polystyrene, so quite light for when I have to take it with me. I covered that in felt, then covered the top and bottom with the non-slip stuff you put under mats. This will stop it sliding on the desk and the pillow sliding down the wedge.

Bobbins, Threads & Books

To do the bobbin lace class I borrowed a lace pad and bobbins. It helped to see if it is a craft I want to do before going to the expense of getting everything. Well, I do want to do more, I like the challenge of it. So I have been looking around for bobbins and a pillow. I am making a pillow, which isn’t finished yet. Last night we picked up bobbins, threads and books that I found on There are 22 bobbins, quite a bit of head and a box of books. And look at the lovely old box of threads that was part of it. A bonus is that I don’t already have any of the books.

Bobbin Lace Sampler

This is the sampler I started in the Bobbin Lace class at the Guild yesterday. My brain wasn’t quite in gear and I had to undo and redo a few times. I don’t know if you can see, it is a piece with fan shapes on the left and an open ground on the right. Each fan shape will have a different stitch.

Cycling and Bobbin Lace

DSC_7908 DSC_7913
Yesterday was a very busy, no crafting day. My husband is competing in the Australian Masters Cycling, a four day event at the velodrome. Yesterday was a time trial. I went along to the cycling, then we are buying a new car so had business with that, then a few other things to do, and before you know it, bedtime.
Today is the last class for bobbin lace. There will be other classes held in the future, it is an ongoing thing that you do the next and the next. I don’t know if I will do another class. I will work out if I can understand more from the books I think.

Yesterday’s Projects

DSC_7898 DSC_7899
I am trying to make my own bobbin lace pillow. One that is in sections and you can move the centre pieces along when you want to make a long piece of lace. These are polystyrene blocks that I bought cheaply at Daiso. I carved into the side pieces so they are rounded at the sides. Then I covered them in wool felt. The next step is covering them in a cotton fabric that can be removed to wash when needed.
The second photo is a ball of wool I wound just before going to bed. It is a beautifully soft tweed wool. Think I might make a hat out of that one.

Bobbin Lace Square

I finished the little square of bobbin lace. I had a go at joining the start and finish. Then I needed to sew in the end threads. I need practice at this last bit so it is more invisible. But I am quite pleased with my little square.