Trying Things

Using the builders line things were going better, it was easier to crochet with (although still a bit hard on the hands after a while), the size was better, but in the end it didn’t have the right look and feel I was going for. Back to plan A, black wool. It is nice to try something different to see the effect.

Blue String

I rummaged around Bunnings yesterday looking for some kind of thread I could use in my next project. I bought four things to try and the blue string was the only one I could crochet with. The others was another string from the rope section, but it was too thick, and two from the gardening section used to tie plants, one rubbery, one fabric, but again ended up too thick. And while the blue string worked to crochet, the resulting shape is too big for my needs. Back to Bunnings to find something finer, but with shine and colour.