House Project Week 42

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Refurbished needlepoint doorstop. When we were in Sydney last weekend I noticed a little doorstop at my Mother-in-law’s that was in need of a bit of TLC. It belonged to her Mother-in-law who’s friend worked the needlepoint houses. I asked if I could take it and give it some love.
The first two photos are the before. I cut the brick out from the back then carefully unpicked the needlepoint. I wrapped the brick in some cotton batting and sewed it on, then attached the needlepoint to the batting. I cut a piece of felted jumper, it was one my Mum had knitted. The felt was cut like a cross, so then the sides would come up and I sewed at each corner first, then around the edge of the needlepoint. It will be heading back to Sydney next time one of us is up there.

A Bit of Tat

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While in Sydney Robin, my Mother-in-law showed me a piece of tatting she did many years ago. She was bed ridden while pregnant with her third child Martel. Someone gifted her a tatting bobbin, thread and a book on how to make it. This is her one and only piece she did and it is lovely. It has been tacked onto the piece of paper to keep shape and safe. Excellent work for someone laying flat on their back and had never done it before.

York Minster Treasures

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These photos have been coming around a lot on the screen saver slide show. When we were in the UK a few years ago we visited York Minster. Beautiful, lots of wonders to look at. One of the things I most remember are these tapestries. I think they are tapestry with embroidery embellishments. The photos are quite dark because I didn’t want to use the flash on the camera. I am guessing by their style they are 1970’s, but I haven’t been able to find out any information on them. I wish I had taken photos of every section.

More of Margo’s Treasures

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When visiting Margo on Saturday she showed me this beautiful antique chest of drawers. Each drawer is filled with lots and lots of treasures. Buttons, buckles, toys, scarves, ribbon………. It was a real treat to look through. I apologise for the photo quality, the phone camera really wasn’t happy. It really is a very special chest of drawers.

Visiting Margo

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Yesterday I visited a friend Margo. We met when our boys went to primary school. We share a love of Julie Arkell, among other things. So I took my Long Lost Creature to meet her Mighty Rabbit Girl. Gotta love Julie Arkell, her creatures look like they jumped out of a story book with more tales to tell when they meet. Thank you Margo for a lovely afternoon of chatting and showing me your treasures.

Hairy Maclary

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I thought I would show you these dogs my son made when he was in grade 4. He made them for a school project, the characters from Lynley Dodd’s book. He drew all the characters himself, I scanned them and printed them onto A4 paper, he then re-coloured the black and white photocopies. I made two copies of each, one a mirror image so they were the same on both sides. He cut them out and we attached them to bamboo stakes. For the project he had to tell the story with the characters in front of the class, and he did a great job. He kept only for of all the characters and they live in his bathroom – Hairy Maclary, Scarface Claw, Bottomly Potts and Hercules Morse.

Judy’s Show & Tell

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More from Judy’s visit at the weekend. Judy and her friend Maureen have been collaborating on some pieces. Maureen works the embroidery and Judy makes the crochet edges. The first large white embroidery they made from scratch, it is just beautiful. Maureen has a large linen collection and picks up new pieces all the time. She mends, darns and brings the pieces back to life. Judy has been mending the crochet edges or completely re-working them. Gorgeous work ladies.

Judy’s Irish Crochet

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My friend Judy came to visit at the weekend and she brought her workbox for a bit of show and tell. Judy is teaching herself Irish Crochet Lace. Her work is gorgeous. Sweet little flowers to large works that look like they came out of the sea. She also brought some embroidery and crochet edges which I will share tomorrow. It was a very nice morning with Judy and Jo.