Christmas Card

This year for my Christmas card I thought I should keep the Christmas gnome theme going and made pop-up gnome cards. The outside cardboard is probably on the over doing side, but the card needed a bit of weight to hold the gnomes down. There was going to be all sorts of fancy stuff, but in the end the gnomes are just simple shapes. The strawberry paper on the body is a photograph of the embroidered strawberry gnome then printed onto paper. If anyone who received a gnome card has a bit of a flat gnome when they open, just give him a little squeeze at the sides and he should pop out.

Christmas Cards

The gnomes are all packed up and ready to go for next Saturday, the craft room has been cleaned, now it is on to the next project. Christmas cards. Lots of drawing shapes, cutting and snipping. Loving these snips, they are Fiskars brand, nice and sharp and I don’t get any blisters from using them for so long. Only a couple more shapes to cut out, then it’s on to gluing, lots of gluing.


DSC_8165 DSC_8168
DSC_8170 DSC_8171
Yesterday I did a quilling class at Can Do Books with Christine Donehue, a quilling expert from Sydney. Quilling is rolling long thin pieces of papers into various coil shapes, then putting all the shapes together to make something. We made a mandala. The first photo is how much I had done at the end of the class. I came home and finished it, second photo. The blue mandala is one the teacher made, a gift. Mine isn’t bad for a first try. Need to get those coils closer and more consistent. Thank you Christine and Stephanie for a very nice few hours.

House Project Week 16

Little pop-up house card. This is a play around to understand the mechanics of a pop up card. I have used the template from Robert Sabuda’s website (, printed, cut it out and put it together. I want to know how it works, how much stuff can I attach and it will still work, how many parts, and a few other things.

House Project Week 10

DSC_7716 DSC_7717
DSC_7718 DSC_7723
DSC_7725 DSC_7727
Little lighted house. I have been playing with the house from last week. Using a little rectangle hole punch I made windows, door and roof tile shapes into the house pattern after cutting it out and before glueing together. The houses with the yellow light are before I put the base on I sat the house on a little led light. The white light houses are just sitting with the natural light behind them.

House Project Week 9

Little cardboard houses. This week is unusual in that I don’t have a finished item to show, rather it is the first stage of something that will be used in quite a few projects. I wanted to design a little cardboard house that wasn’t too deep, could be printed onto paper or cardstock so many of the same could be made. Later I will add things or remove/cut away parts in different projects. The only thing I think I will change with these houses is the darkness of the printed line, make it light grey so I can still see it, but not so visible in the finished house.