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Lucky me, I have just come back from a four day trip to New Zealand. My husband was going to Auckland for work and I tagged along. The weather was great and although a bit grey on a couple of days, the little bit of rain didn’t stop me doing anything. I walked rather a long way over the four days, did a couple of very touristy things, but I have never been to New Zealand, so a tourist I am.
Spectacular views from the tower. I went up by myself during the day, then we both went up at night as my husband has never been up the tower in all his visits to Auckland.

Melbourne Uni

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Yesterday my husband had to return some music to the Melbourne Uni library. There are some lovely buildings that are part of the uni, this one is near the library. We also saw a beautiful little camellia. The flower was smaller than my palm and had a very gentle smell. It was a lovely winter’s day yesterday, an now it is raining. We do need the rain.

Artist’s Studio

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My husband was an artist’s model on two Fridays in May. It was at the Victorian Artists Society. He has sat for them before, both times in his Naval uniform, one winter, one summer. I went in to pick him up at the end of the day. An artist’s studio is such a great space. A definite smell, paints and oils. And I loved these easels and paint splattered chair.

Little Scottish Bird

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This sweet little bird came up on the screen saver in the craft room yesterday. I was able to get so close because of the zoom lens on the camera. I can’t remember the name of the place we were in Scotland. The little bird came fairly close to me when I was in the car park. His colours don’t really blend into the carpark bitumen, but they really would in the autumn landscape.

Wrapping Paper

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For Christmas wrapping paper a few years ago I made this page of family photos and printed lots of A3 sheets. The photos are a mix of my family and my husband’s. We had been working on the family tree and received lots of wonderful photos and I wanted to use them in some way. The tags for each gift had photos of each person as a child and on the reverse one of me, my husband and our son. I think I printed the photos in greyscale and then used a red ribbon on the presents.

Another Country Drive

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My husband and I went for another drive in the country yesterday. We had lunch at the Druin pub, drove to The Spud Shed just passed Yarragon and bought some veggies and florentines (yummiest florentines, always get some when we are out that way), then back to Warragul and headed north into the hills for the drive back to Melbourne. It was rainy on and off during the drive. In the hills it was lovely, light rain but with the sun still shining, giving those beautiful streams of light through the trees.