House Project Week 40

dsc_8899 dsc_8897
dsc_7848 dsc_7844
Pin cushion in a ceramic base. This is a reworking of the house project week 13, the second two photos. I wasn’t really happy with the look of the pincushion. I am happier with this week’s remake, I still think it needs something. Maybe it is just a shape that is difficult to work.
The new pin cushion has a tube of plastic then cardboard to finish the flat base of the roof and the curved sides. Then all is covered in felt, the roof is knitted and the sides I worked like needlelace. Inside the tube is sand then fibrefill in the top. The sand will give it weight and if the pins and needles get down that far, they will be cleaned and sharpened by the sand.

Lavender House Pincushion

DSC_8646 - Version 2 DSC_8648
DSC_8649 - Version 2 DSC_8652
This is a pincushion I made a few years ago. I was given a jumper to felt which belonged to a friend of a friend. The door is from the cuff of the felted jumper. I had a problem when making this house, I use a very bright light when I stitch and this was looking fine but when I took it out of the bright light, it was rather dark. I added some more highlight colour to the lavenders which helped. I do like the colour combination of the dark blue and the greens, especially that variegated roof wool.

House Project Week 13

DSC_7845 DSC_7837
DSC_7842 DSC_7843
Little house pin cushion. I found this little ceramic house on our visit to Ballarat a couple of weeks ago. I first made a little cushion of felt filled with sand to put in the bottom to add a bit of weight. Then I cut a circle of wool felt, filled it with polyester fibrefill, gathered the bottom and tied it off. Then glued the ball of stuffing to the little cushion (I wanted to be able to remove everything later if I change my mind or the top doesn’t cope with all the pins), and then put the whole thing in the house. Added some decorative pins, and done.

Dining Room and Needlelace

I changed the display in my dining room. It’s a mix of things, the last three rabbits from the Easter window, needlelace crocus, and some houses. I had an urge to put Christmas things in the domes, but thought its just a bit early for that.
I have a needlelace class today. I’m feeling pretty good since I caught up on all the homework and I am quite ahead on the second assignment. Wonder how much homework we will get today.

Little House on a Jar

DSC_3253 DSC_3257 DSC_3258
DSC_3260 DSC_3261 DSC_3263
This little house keeps turning up on the slide show in screen saver, so I thought I should share. I am pretty sure I have shown it before, but that’s ok, here is a revisit. I made it for my friend Jo. The house base is a piece of wool I lightly felted in the washing machine. The tree is wrapped wire. Lots of embroidered flowers and grass, then lots of french knot grass on the base. The sweet little pins are from The Crafty Squirrel in Ballarat. I put some special threads in the jar when I gave it to her.

Tea House Pincushion on a Jar

DSC_4488 DSC_4490 DSC_4498
This was another Christmas present. My mother-in-law’s neighbour, Mrs Brown gave me a couple of lovely gifts during the year. One of the gifts was a sweet little tea pot. So I based a little pincushion on the teapot. The jar is a little odd shaped, but it is the best size to fit the tea from my husband’s favourite tea shop. I made the little teapot pins from fixing from the bead shop.
So thank you Margaret for your lovely gifts, I hope you like the little pincushion.

A Dog House on a Jar

DSC_4513 DSC_4515
DSC_4522 DSC_4518
I made this little doghouse on a jar for a Christmas present. It started with finding tiny dogs in my stash. I thought they would look good glued onto pin heads. Then of course they needed a little pincushion – a doghouse. The jar is an IKEA spice jar, so you get the idea of scale.
This was one of those ones that was fun to make.