Photos from Scotland

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I am having computer problems at the moment. Luckily I have another I can use while my husband works on it. The problem is that the only photos on this computer are the ones we took on our British holiday in 2012. But I love these photos and have them on slide show for the screen saver. Here are a few that I took for inspiration for making houses.

Scottish Sheep

DSC_5653 DSC_7566 - Version 2
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I didn’t do any craft yesterday, other things got in the way. So here are some photos of Scottish sheep. Quite different, but similar. We were there in April, just before shearing, so they all had lots of lovely fleece. The last sheep made us laugh. She reminded us of our dog Bob. The garden likes to stick to Bob until he comes into the house, then it drops off.

Finished Doorstop

DSC_2850 DSC_2837
DSC_2838 DSC_2845
My son’s doorstop is finished. This doorstop has a lot of family connection. The base felt is an Aran jumper my Mum knitted for my Dad. The style of house is Scottish, especially with the chimney pots – my parents were from Scotland.
I really like how the patten of the Aran knitting is still visible once the jumper was felted. I didn’t do a lot of embroidery so the pattern could still be seen. I like the tree on the side, but now it is all together, it should have been a bit more substantial. The door is felted hand knitting, one of the first pieces I did. I will have to look through my sample book to see which yarn I used to make some more. The felt makes for a very interesting door.

Scottish Highland Cattle

DSC_7447 DSC_7456
These photos are from our trip to Scotland last year. But we used to have a couple of Scottish Highland cows when we lived on 5 acres in Callignee. We didn’t intend to name them, they just ended up with names for when we talked about them. Bossy and Blondy. One was fairer in colour – Blondy. The other used to poke us with her horns when she wasn’t getting what she wanted – Bossy. We also had two little dogs, Silky Terriers. One time Bossy used her horn to catch the smallest one, Basil, under his back legs and flip him up so he did a couple of somersaults and landed back down. I swear she was laughing when she did it.
My husband and I both remember standing in the paddock with a chip of lucerne. The cows would come running full speed at us. The first time we were undecided on whether we should run ourselves or wait. We waited, it was rather scary having full size cows with rather large horns running at you. But they stopped right at the hay and just calmly ate.

Scottish Trip

My husband, son and I enjoyed a holiday in the UK last year travelling around, staying mostly in Scotland. We took many, many photos.
DSC_5736 - Version 2 DSC_7787
This little house was the beginning point of the first doorstop I made, the one in the first post. The style and number of windows, pitch of the roof, the solitary little window in the side of the cottage, and the chimney pots. I love how many chimney pots there are in Scotland.
One end of the doorstop has one little window in it, the other end has a tree with blossoms. We were there in spring and the trees were beautiful.