Bunny in Black Felt

This is absolutely, positively the last bunny I am making. This really is the last bunny I am making. This is most likely the last bunny I am going to make. This is perhaps the last bunny I am making. Who am I kidding, we all know it is not likely to be the last bunny, I can’t help myself.

Bunny is Finished

I make bunny a blingy scarf with lots of teeny tiny sequins on it (which are all over my hours now), but I don’t really like it on her, so I make a knitted scarf with pom pom ends. Maybe something in between would be better, wool with sparkles in it. The coat looks better in real life, looking a bit dull in the photo.

A New Skirt

The bunny now has arms and a new skirt. It is a silk skirt with cotton lining. The lining is the same fabric as the ears and feet. The skirt is completely hand sewn Her top is nearly finished, just some bias binding at the sleeves to do, and attach buttons.

Another Bunny

I had a problem with my website yesterday, it crashed after doing an update. I has been fixed now, so here is yesterday’s post. Today’s post was just a whinge about computers.
I am making another bunny and timing how long it takes to make, just the sewing together, not cutting pieces out. There is a possibility of a workshop so I need to know how long. I am also making this one just like the book with fabric inner ears and pads, and button eyes. The bunnies in the window all have felt ears and pads and safety eyes. At the moment she is armless, but they will be sewn today.

New Dressing Gown

I did some sewing yesterday and made a new dressing gown, shorter style to the hips. It is in a nice soft polar fleece which was a nightmare to sew. That is why the photo isn’t the whole thing, its a bit wonky. The fleece kept moving on itself and because it is so soft, kept tearing at the edges. I think I would call my finished dressing gown “serviceable”, useable but don’t look too closely.

Easter Window at Can Do Books

We set up the window for Easter at Can Do Books yesterday. The bunnies. I made six rabbits from the Making Luna Lapin book by Sarah Peel. Stephanie has make a rabbit also which will be joining the party soon, They are having an afternoon tea party. The comfy chairs pattern in in the Luna Lapin book, and the three garden chairs I found in Geelong last week (will show a better photo of them another day). You can see where the little grey grannie square rug is. The lampshade has little rabbit silhouettes cut out in paper. The tea set I found at Big W. Seems like a very elegant tea party getting underway.