New Spinning Wheel

DSC_5238 DSC_5239
I have been on the lookout on Ebay for a double treadle spinning wheel and one came up last week. I won the auction and picked it up yesterday. It is a little Ashford Kiwi. And look, I could spin on it! It isn’t great spinning, but it is way better than I ever achieved on the other spinning wheel. The first spinning wheel’s wheel was out of balance and it was difficult to just spin nice and slowly, you had to go quite quickly, especially to keep it going in the one direction. This new little beauty spins really well and I can just keep it ticking over while I am drafting. Now, just need to practice, practice, practice.

Supported Spindle

I recently did an online class on Spindling with Craftsy. It was fun, but then I felt the need to get a supported spindle. I already have a couple of top whorl spindles. This is a beautiful spindle from LuxuryOverload on Etsy. I had a play last night, but need to finish my current project so I can spend some time and practice, practice, practice.

Spinning & Weaving House

DSC_4884 DSC_4886
DSC_4888 - Version 2 DSC_4889
In continuing to tidy the craft room, here is another project finished. The walls of the house were woven. I bought two small looms last year and I played around with some possibilities, being very new to weaving. I used a handspun wool that I bought at the Victorian Spinners & Weavers Guild. The wool for the roof I spun myself on a drop spindle. I also bought a spinning wheel last year and got a lesson which mainly focused on drop spindles. I managed to spin enough to knit a roof. While I was making the house I was going to embroider a garden on the two plain sides, but decided it should be left plain. The house isn’t large enough for a doorstop being 15cm(w) x 12cm(h) x 8cm(d). At the moment it is sitting on the windowsill in the craft room.


I have been doing a bit of spinning on the drop spindle with some lovely green fluff.
I borrowed a spinning wheel from a friend to try and get the hang of using a wheel. Picked it up yesterday and tried a bit last night. Didn’t go so well. Will try again today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

Drop Spindle Project

Well, my first hand spinning from start to finish (nearly finish, I will show the house when it is truly finished). The first photo is the wool spun on the drop spindle. It looks a little unspun, but that is just the end bit, I was rather pleased with how the spinning went. Of course it is thick and thin, but spun none the less.


The second photo is after I plyed the first with a commercial wool I had on hand, a Morris&Son 2ply in black. There are parts of that too that went really well and others parts where plying seemed to completely unspin my single.


The next photo is the wool in a skein ready for a bit of a wash.


Next is the roof getting knitted.


And finally since the wool was ever so slightly still damp when I knitted it, I blocked it onto the house while it dried.
I’m feeling really pleased with myself for doing this from start to finish. At no time was I frustrated with how things were going. I did have tired arms though from working the drop spindle and then plying with it. I am glad I only do small projects, not sure I have it in me to use a drop spindle for a whole jumper. But who knows, maybe down the track.


Spinning Lesson

I had a spinning lesson from the lovely Emma from Spun Out last night. Emma is friendly and chatty and knows her stuff, it was a pleasure to learn from her. She made working with a drop spindle much more appealing than I had seen before. So I came home with a drop spindle and some wool to play with today.
My spinning wheel needs some maintenance, which my husband is very happy to do. So I will learn to spin on the drop spindle until the wheel is ready.

Spinning Wheel

I bought a spinning wheel. My husband and I went to pick it up yesterday. Spinning is one of those things that has always been in the back of my mind. I saw a wheel that wasn’t too expensive on Ebay and thought why not?
I already had some fleece that someone had given me quite a while ago, so I had something to play with when we got home. First my husband pulled it apart, cleaned it up and tweaked it a bit (the wheel was spinning slightly wonky). Then I had a go, and it is hard. First it was difficult to keep the wheel spinning in the same direction, it kept wanting to spin to the left, then I couldn’t get the leader to start winding on the bobbin. Then I could get it winding, but there was not spin in the thread. Lots and lots of practice is required. Once I get the hang of it, things will be fine. I wasn’t expecting to just set the wheel down and start spinning, it’s a skill that needs to be learned and repeated over and over.