Little Garden Chairs

I found these little chairs in a shop in Geelong. They are the perfect size for bunnies and things, so they went straight into the window display at Can Do Books, so I didn’t get a chance to show them. To get an idea of size I took a photo of them on our garden bench. Now all the little animals are clamouring for a chair in the craft room.

Plastic Pellets

I use little plastic pellets as weighting material in the animals, gnomes and such. To buy them from Spotlight they are $16.99 a kilo. I was looking around to try and buy them in bulk. Well, I found a place that sells a 25kg bag. I is quite expensive, but once you work out the per kilo, including the courier costs to get it here, it is much cheaper, $5.92 per kilo. I was a little worried about buying so much, but now that it is here, we all agree that I could probably plough through the pellets, now worries at all.


On our trip to Ballan the other day I bought some pins at the Mill Rose Cottage. I haven’t sen them before, lovely packaging, couldn’t resist. And I had a little pin cushion they were just right for.

Newspapers and Thread

On Saturday we did a quick trip to Geelong to the bike shop. I was dropped off at Lily Pond, a lovely shop with French furniture, jewellery, lace, toys, lots of things. Then I walked down the hill and met my husband at the bike shop. I bought two French newspapers dating from 1917 and two spools of thread. There is a lovely sheen to the thread, I think it has silk in there. Looking at the photo they all seem rather small, but in fact the spools are about 15cm long.

Bendigo Wool

Yesterday my husband and I went for a very nice country drive to Bendigo. We went to the Woollen Mills, had lunch and came home. I was after flesh coloured wool, but alas they didn’t have any. Couldn’t come home empty handed now could I?


I have a long list of things to do before the Christmas Window Workshops, but what did I do yesterday, tidying. I tidied up the thread drawer, not that it really looks it in the photos, but all the ends have been wound in and secured. I sorted through a couple of tubs and some things are going off to the charity bin. I just couldn’t get into what I should have been doing. At least my tidying was productive, but it was still procrastinating.