New Knitting Mill

I was interested in what another brand of automatic knitting mill would be like. The one I ordered arrived yesterday. I opened the box, pulled it out and it all fell apart. The base had come out in transit. I couldn’t work out how to get it back together, mainly the needles and that knob on them, it kept getting in the way. I send an email to the person I bought it off, one to the German manufacturer (who hasn’t answered by the way), a phone call to Stephanie at Can Do Books (her one is sort of transparent), and a photo to my husband. When Piers got home he worked out how it was supposed to go together, but getting it that way wasn’t easy. We finally got it together with a bit of levering and pushing. And it works. Yay for Piers.

Bobbin Winder

For Easter, instead of chocolate (which I am trying to stop eating) I received an electric bobbin winder. It is to help wind the bobbins for making bobbin lace. When it is just a small project, hand winding is fine, but if the projects get larger, it takes forever to wind them, when you just want to get into the project.
I was trying to find a class to do as my Easter gift, but I couldn’t find a reasonably priced one of something I wanted to learn.

Another Knitter

I bought another automatic french knitter because the old one became more and more frustrating. I use it to make the little scarves for the animals. When it works it is quite fast, knit a tube, make some pom poms, done. But lately it would skip a stitch, leave holes, tangle the yarn. I threw away so much yarn I thought I should just get another and throw away it.

Bias Binding

There is a tool to help make bias binding. You cut strips of fabric on the bias, feed it through the tool and iron as you go. I bought the Clover brand, the yellow one on the left years ago. It makes 12mm bias binding. Tor the sewing machine cover I wanted wider binding. Spotlight didn’t have a Clover brand one, just Birch. It was terrible. As you can see in the photo the exit point is not as narrow as the Clover one so the fabric isn’t close together when it comes out, so it doesn’t iron very well. I had to ask my husband to help feed through and pull slightly so I could make the tape. Needles to say I have ordered some Clover brand makers for future use.

New Headphones

I treated myself to some new headphones at the weekend. I use them in the craft room and I like wireless so I am not fighting with wires and my projects. I had a set for quite a while now, but the electronic noise was getting worse and worse and I couldn’t listen to music at all. These new ones are great, the old ones must have had some level of electronic background noise all along. Now I wish I could find something really good to watch while I am crafting.

New Lens

I received some lovely Christmas presents this year. One was a new micro lens for my camera from my In-Laws. The first photo shows how close I can get with my old lens and still be in focus. The second photo is the new lens, much closer and lots of detail. The photos haven’t been cropped or touched in any way. Thank you Mum and Graeme, love my new lens.

An Unlikely Favourite Tool

I recently started using one of those sticky lint picker uppers in the craft room, a lot. I resisted using one because I didn’t realise they would work, but they do. Picks up all sorts of threads and dust and lint. I mostly use it on the projects I am working on, sometimes around the craft room. I bought one initially because it was recommended to clean lampshades, and it does, really well.

New Lacemaking Tool

DSC_8651 DSC_8650
I have been keeping an eye out for a vice-like tool that will hold a needle to use on lacemaking patterns. I found one on Ebay and it arrived the other day, and it is just what I want. It will hold a needle without padding. In the second photo the tools are both closed as tight as they will go. The tool at the top is the one I have been using and you can see the hole is slightly larger, the difference is minute but when you are dealing with something as fine as a sewing needle, it is a big difference. Having the right tool for the job makes me happy.

Needle Felting Pad

DSC_8580 DSC_8581
I have been using the brush that comes with the kit for needle felting from Clover. It works well, allows the needle to move through easily. I feel that the brush makes the felting a bit fluffy, pulling at it a bit when you pick it up off the brush. On researching for needle felting a lot of places use high density upholstery foam. Yesterday I picked up a piece of upholstery foam and gave it a try, making two small balls one on each. And while it is also technique, not pushing the needle in too far, the foam was better and the little ball is not as fluffy. The one on the left is the foam ball, on the right the brush ball.