No Longer Posting

Robin’s Doorstop

I have made the decision to no longer post to Little Felt Houses. This website costs a lot of money and they just keep upping the prices.
The website hosting people keep changing things and often wrecking the website and then ask for more money to fix and update. Well, I have had enough. Enjoyed my time, but it is now time to change. I am not sure what will happen to the website after July 30 2017, but I believe it will be deleted.
I am in such a habit of posting daily, I will continue to do so on my Facebook account
I keep this as a public account, I believe you don’t have to be signed into Facebook to read it.
I also occasionally post to Instagram: @littlefelthouses
Thank you to all the lovely people that have taken time to drop by and to comment.

Doorstop Delivery

I made two doorstops that were commissioned by my friend Glynis. They were delivered last night. Glynis asked for two purple doorstops and sent me photos of the particular purples she had in mind. I will show the detail of the first doorstop today and the second tomorrow.

Navy Open Day

img_2784 img_2786
img_2788 img_2789
Yesterday we went to the open day at HMAS Cerberus. We went to meet an old friend who is there doing a course for quite a few weeks. We haven’t seen him in a long time, so it was nice to catch up. The open day meant there was a lot going on at the same time. The queue to get in was terribly slow, so we decide to park in Crib Point and walk in, and yes, we were faster than the queue of cars, all footpaths and roads to walk on, no mud. We got the obligatory photo in front of a helicopter. And had a good look around. I did my initial recruits and cook training at Cerberus, but it was so long ago that buildings have changed function, many torn down and lots of new buildings built.


DSC_2637 image029
This is a drypoint print I did when I was a Tafe all those years ago. Drypoint is where the zinc plate (in this case it was zinc) is covered in a bitumen type stuff, then is scratched into with the drawing, and then the plate is put in acid to burn the drawing onto the plate. Then the plate is inked and printed. For the exercise we had to take a fragment of another painting, I chose Pala Sforzesca’s painting (the image comes from this website:   and drew the gentleman on the right (everything is reversed in printmaking).

A Feather

I found this feather in our front yard when checking the letterbox yesterday. It is only quite small, a tummy feather I suspect. Not sure which bird it would be from, a parrot of some sort. We get lots of parrots and rosellas in the street, but they never seem to come into the yard. I can think of only three times that I have seen them at the water bowl.

Workshop: Learn How to Make Wrapped Balls

DSC_9039 DSC_2923
Thought I should do a bit of a reminder that I will be teaching another workshop at Can Do Books. It’s a bit of Christmas in July. Learn to make wrapped and embroidered balls. The workshop runs on Saturday July 26th from 10am to 12:30pm and will cost $45. The kit is included and has enough materials to make two snowflake covered wrapped balls. It’s a starter course into Temari. Although I use wrapped balls in lots of things, the sock monster’s eyeballs from a recent post, centres of flowers, and I work other embroidery not just the traditional temari.
Looking forward to the workshop. You can book the workshop here, or phone Stephanie on 1300 308 261.

Sanding The Loom

One of the jobs I did on the weekend was sanding the second loom. It was really unfinished and made the parts quite rough. This part, the swinging batton, was particularly rough especially in the reed section. This roughened up the warp while weaving. Hopefully now it is all smooth enough to not mess up the warp too much.