Diver Commission

The commissions I finished a little while ago were delivered yesterday, so now I can share.
The first one’s story is the lovely lady’s son is a photographer and diver. He bought a new camera and took it diving. An octopus stole his camera. I got a bit excited when I found a camera small enough for the wrapped ball, and a scuba tank in the form of a water filter for a pottle.

Wedding Present

dsc_8918 dsc_8921
We are going to a wedding today. This is how I wrapped the present. First layers of tissue paper, then clear cellophane. Three ribbons were tied into a bow. I tried to layer them so you could see all three ribbons, one quite wide the other two narrower. Then finished the pressie off with three wrapped balls decorated with embroidered flowers. These could go onto their Christmas tree, just add a hook.

House Project Week 19

Little felt house. The house project will take a bit of a turn for a little while. I started the project to keep the momentum up after completing the Christmas window, sometimes a difficult thing after a large project. However, lately it has been hindering momentum of other projects, I have to stop what I am doing and think of a house project to make. So my plan is to add a house each week to the large wrapped ball I showed the other day. This is the first one. I have reused materials I took off the ball. The houses will be smaller, so the felt has been cut and the knitted roof folded in half and sewn down. Some weeks will have trees and plants added too.