How Long Does It Take?

I am often asked how long it takes to make one of my projects. Most of the time I don’t know and I don’t care, I enjoy the process of making. Every now and then I do pay attention and work out how long something takes, out of interest and to work out how much to charge if the piece will be sold.
For example, the little striped square took 11 minutes from cast on to sewing in the ends. With 120 squares to do that is 22 hours, probably more as some squares take longer than a simple stripe. It will probably be another 22 hours sewing them down to the felt. Then the piece of felt will be made into something else, guessing another 10 hours. Let’s round up to 60 hours to make the final object. Which is all fine by me, my projects don’t have to be quick.
I am keeping the squares all about the same size with the help of the cardboard template. The cream yarn is slightly thicker than the red and green although they are all 8ply, also some patterns knit larger or smaller than the 5cm square, so I adjust accordingly. The bonus of sewing the squares to felt is that I can do a further adjustment to the little squares to make them fit.

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