No Longer Posting

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I have made the decision to no longer post to Little Felt Houses. This website costs a lot of money and they just keep upping the prices.
The website hosting people keep changing things and often wrecking the website and then ask for more money to fix and update. Well, I have had enough. Enjoyed my time, but it is now time to change. I am not sure what will happen to the website after July 30 2017, but I believe it will be deleted.
I am in such a habit of posting daily, I will continue to do so on my Facebook account
I keep this as a public account, I believe you don’t have to be signed into Facebook to read it.
I also occasionally post to Instagram: @littlefelthouses
Thank you to all the lovely people that have taken time to drop by and to comment.

3 thoughts on “No Longer Posting

  1. I’ve not been reading my blog feeds this week so have only just caught up with your news. Sorry to hear it, but I understand how you feel. I’m a cheapskate and would only ever go with a free WordPress blog! I do follow you on Instagram (under a different ID to that of my blog) and will now also read about your exploits on Facebook (for which I have an account but rarely use as I get fed up having to trawl past all the unrelated video advertising). Ho Hum.

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